Friday, December 26, 2008

Blog Candy!!!

How fast can 20 days fly by??

Anyone waiting for my tutorial that I promised? And I thought I was tech-savvy...I have no idea what happened...but it didn't post...I set it to post at a "future date" but who knows what I did.

Lots of generous people are out there right now...check out the following blog candy!


Saturday, December 6, 2008


Friday got away from me...I was cramming all day...cause in 1 hour and 24 minutes I have my first exam...MATH! EEEK! ACCK!!!! OMG!!!

I WILL post my tutorial later today...PROMISE! :)

Friday, December 5, 2008

Barf Barf

So, here I sit...checking email, etc. and my almost 4 year old just woke and appeared next to my desk. She wanted to know what was on my feet, I showed her my socks...furry and striped. She tells me about herself "I have dogs! Your's are cats! Mine go Barf, Barf"

As if that doesn't make you smile!!!

I'll be back later with a late Fiskars Friday tutorial...

Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Buy Nothing Day!!!

It's Black Friday in the USA...a day of mass consumerism and the want/"need" to spend, spend, spend all because it is "cheap". It's sad. We need to spend less, consume less, manufacture less...promote local business, local products, products produced in healthy conditions instead of coming from sweat shops. The consumer needs to speak up. Yes, we all like a great deal, but think about how and where what you are buying is made, and how much work goes into it, how much the employee makes, how far it travels to get where you are...and consider the impact that has on the environment, on your life and the lives of those around you when you purchase something.

Today, like every day after US Thanksgiving, I am "celebrating" Buy Nothing Day! and spending the day with my kids...crafting, cleaning, and uh, doing homework.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Scrappy Love

Inspired by THIS...I had a tote of strips that I had originally cut when I was learning to quilt and making log cabin blocks...I picked up this fabric when I worked at Fabricland...I used to buy the remnants so I had a collection of pieces. I used them to make a baby quilt a few years back (which I hope to post later)...and the "left overs" had been hanging around every since so I finally got the inspiration to do something with them in my "cleaning" ;) ... and here it is...

I love the results...this was a fun one! I hope to get the back and binding (that is what you see in the lower left corner) done by next week...I am going to use a fluffier loft batting so it will be anticipate another photo of the final achievement soon! :)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Being a packrat isn't always bad...

So yeah, I'm a least I can admit it! I AM doing something about my "problem" tho...and one of those "things" is to sew! ;) As a quilter, it is very very very very very difficult to throw away even the tinyest scrap of cotton fabric (who am I a sewer in general its hard to throw even the other scraps out! hehe) so I have had this growing tote of scraps waiting - BEGGING - to be developed for some time...and on Monday, I got a wild creative hair and spent a few hours doing just that!

The Pile

Red Square

The Layout

I have since sewn all the blocks together and now it waits to be backed, quilted and bound...ahh, like so many of my quilts! This quilt was so fun to make...such a creative release since really it it just a matter of sewing pieces randomly together...not to much thought is needed, which is good cause my brain is overworked with school :) hehe

Once finished, I'll be giving this away...probably to the local women's shelter.

More soon...cause I'm still sewin'!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Happy Friday!

It's Friday!!! Weekend is here...and as it is the second Friday, this also happens to be Ceili night in Salem! :) (a Ceili is an Irish music & dance celebration...and I help organize and run them locally) my day is to be filled with errands and prep work, but don't let you think that means I don't have crafting on my mind...

I stopped in at Jo-Ann's last night, inspired by a 40% coupon burning a hole in my pocket and picked up this lil number...

Now, I have taken the pledge to go handmade this season...I am trying to make all my gifts, or buy handmade gifts (tho I will admit, each of my kids will be getting one thing not-so handmade). When I went to the store, I intended on picking up a scrapbook mag...but then I saw this and I couldn't is filled with some of the most fun and functional projects! If you are a sewer, and especially if you wanna go handmade this holiday season, I so recommend getting this magazine! It is so worth it...filled with ideas, and patterns (even full size patterns for a few different skirts! WAY COOL!!!)

I wish I could be sewing right now, by responsibilities call (read: 3 1/2 year old wanting a snack)...but watch this space cause I will be sharing the projects I make with you here, and I hope I can help inspire you to go handmade this season, too!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Clearly UNfocused

For the past few months, I have been completely unfocused...all over the place...running in everywhich direction...but that, I have actively decided, needs to change...and I am taking charge of this unfocus!

It's a holiday today...and the kids are off school, which usually means a busy house, but it is quiet here right now (knock on wood!!!) is at a friends, one sleeping, and the smallest is glued to SpongeBob (one of her bff's ;)) I'm taking advantage of this moment to re-evaulate things as they are and making a "to do" that puts creativity into motion...and at the forefront!

I got a wild hair this morning...but I can't share it is just in the "inspiration" mode, but it came after visiting my friend Julie Overby's blog...she was just awarded the 3rd Fiskateer of the Year award...and it is so well deserved! She trained me as a Fiskars Certified Demonstrator, and when my life turned completely upside down a couple months ago, she sent me a card and way cool Rusty Pickle shirt to cheer me up :) She is a sweetheart...and I am so glad to have her as a friend! So I just wanted to congratulate her here...and thank her for the inspiration...a pick me up I really needed!

More later...

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Are you there? I am...all over the place!

Ok, so I haven't been here in far too long...I haven't been crafting tho, although really, that IS no excuse. Life has completely got the better of me instead of juggling, I just need to do the balancing act ;) So I am here...and there...and over there, too.

I have 2 blogs, the other has more dust on it than here tho, so I am going to be combining the two...and actually just having this one blog for everything...crafting, sewing, scraping...LIFE! Everything!

With that said...let me share a lil family situations changed a couple months ago and it was completely turned upside-down, but either its turned back around, or I've turned upside-down, too...because things are starting to look like they should ;) I'm now working 2 "consistent" jobs (still doing freelance design work tho)...but I am finally getting paid to do what I have been doing for the past 13 activism, non-profit work, cultural outreach! Then...adding to that...I got what (second to being a lead Fiskateer) is my dream job...I am working at the library!!!!! WOOO HOOOO!!! Today, I created media materials (poster, voucher, bookmarks) to help market library programs :) Ok, so I love my job! :)

It is the last Irish dance class tonight...I am going to miss dancing on Tuesday! But, at least it will give me more time to devote to my schooling...cause I am taking 13 credits right now...and have my hands full with that, too! But I was given a grant to go to school so I couldn't really say no, especially since this will be my last year in this program before I can move on...and I will be 1 step closer, and only 1 set away, from my Masters degree!!!

So yeah, I haven't been doing much crafting (although I did sew 30 blankets a few weeks ago!!!!), but I anticipate this changing soon since I am taking a handmade pledge for this holiday season! :) I hope some of you will think about making that pledge too...

I'll be around...and hopefully posting again soon! Thanks for your patience...and support! :)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

honoured to be honourably mentioned

Well, I didn't win...but I got an honourable mention :) friend Julie in Waldport won!!! SO WOOOO HOOOO Julie!!!! WTG!

AND....I was in Portland yesterday for the An Damhsa show and it rocked!! Maldon and everyone did such a great job! So inspiring!!!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thank you!

a short post...

Just wanted to thank everyone/anyone who votes for me in the Craft Warehouse scrapbook contest! They will be announcing the winners at each of the stores on Saturday at 1...but alas, I cannot be present :( Disappointing, but I will be on my way somewhere fun...

My Irish dance teacher is putting on a show in Portland...

2pm, Sat Sept. 6, 2008
An Damhsa: Irish Dance Show
Friendly House Community Center
1737 NW 26th Avenue, Portland, OR

Featuring music, dance and song
Irish Sean-nos, Irish Step, Irish Set
Cape Breton, Tap, Clogging and Modern Dance

Live Music by:
Johnny Connolly (accordion), Cary Novotny (guitar, vocals)
Hanz Araki (flute, vocals, bodhran), Dale Russ (fiddle)

Maldon Meehan (Portland), Kieran Jordan (Boston)
Shannon Dunne (DC), Alicia Guinn (Seattle)
Maldon Meehan Dancers, Ceili of the Valley Dancers, Seattle Sean-nos Dancers

Narration: Robert Deans

This show is funded in part by the Regional Arts & Culture Council

Tickets are only $7
On sale at:

If you have a least visit

Friday, August 22, 2008

Ugh...BIG HUGE FAVOR!!!!! I entered a scrapbook layout in a contest...and I need votes to win...

It is through Craft have to register to vote...but once you register you can vote immediately, and then never go to the site again if you want...but I would LOOOOOOOOOOVE it if you would help me with this cause I don't have any $ (which is why I haven't been posting...I am in pending divorce :/ but that is a blog post for another time...and maybe another place?!) and the prize is a $250 gift card for supplies :) hehe (and there is another $250 for a grand prize it could be $500 in all!!!)

My layout is in the gallery under 2008 Scrapbook Queen Contest» Salem store entries

It's called Vans Warped Tour...and uh, is a page I made about the show last year :)

If you here and let me know! I'd love to share the love and rak you in return!


Sooo flattered!!!!!

Just when I think that I ramble for myself...I got the sweetest msg from a Fiskateer Friend...and she nominated my blog for an award!!!!

Thank you Missy!!!
(more on this soon!)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I had these wonderful intentions of posting a teaser to my blog when I mailed a package out to a Fiskafriend last week...but uh, time got the better of me...

Here is my teaser...

{{{dandy photo will appear here tomorrow - uh today - when I locate my camera ;) }}}

Satisfy it here ;)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Punch Me...I'm Dreaming!

So, yeah, it's late...but before I could "get to work" I had to visiting my most regular stopping/stalkin ground...the Fiskateers...and what fun to read that I helped name on of their new Squeeze Punches!!!!

Check it out!

Uh Yeah...Scaredy Cat! (and how appropriate...a cat in this kitty house! :))

As if I didn't love Fiskars enough as it I have some braggin rights ;)

{insert title here}

It's Tuesday...which means Irish dance. I so love Irish dance! It is an inspiration...and a creative kick. My mind is racing (probably because I had a mocha - uh yeah, first coffee in who knows how long!!! eek!) and I just want to that is what I am going to do :)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sew Crazy!

Ok, I don't have any completed sewing projects to share with this post as I have spent most of my "sewing time" today washing, ironing and cutting...but I did delve into my "stash" and I have a few fabrics I would like to share. It is no wonder why my crafts of choice are fabric and paper related...I am attracted (and attached) to texture, color, design, space...Even though I gave away a portion of my paper stash, I still have too much (is there really a thing as TOO MUCH tho?!) and fabric, well, after working in a fabric store for 10 years on and off...especially since the first 3 of those years were without any "responsibilities" I have collected much over the years. Now, I just don't have the heart to get rid of it because one day I just might need that piece of orange velour! ;) (no, I'm not that bad...I think I actually already used that piece ;))
But, for your viewing pleasure...I hope these fabrics make you smile as they do me :)


One Day...this will be a chenille'd cherry quilt...the idea is floating in my head, I just need to get it into the fabric! :)

Some kind of baby quilt...
Another quilt...The pattern I am currently thinking about for these fabrics is called "This and That" and it is a square within a square...and I just love them horses! :) More baby quilt stuff...I think I need to know more babies!!!

Back to the ironing board!

Sorry Grandma...

...but your 3 year old granddaughter loves tattoos!

My mom hates she was not too happy when her teenage girl (uh that would be me :))came home with one, ok, not 1, but uh, 2 or 3.

Today, Aoife found a book of Celtic animal tattoos and she HAD to have one.

A few hours later, she tells me that her "doggie" needs a #2.

As soon as I put the second one on, I hear "rock on dude!"

5 minutes later...."I want more!"

5 minutes after that..."I want these to go away...I don't want these on me"

Well...good thing they are washable cause the tattoo stops here! :)

Greeen Thumb n' Stuff

Been a while, but at least I am back in less than a week!

So much is happening around here...too much to cover in one blog post...too much to cover in general!

BUT...check out my tomatoes and peppers!!! I grew veggies when I moved here 4 years ago...the only success I had was with tomatoes and peppers. The soil here is instead of killing my back tilling again this year, I opted to try container gardening...and as you can see, so far, so good! Each plant is covered in now it is just a matter of waiting for the fruit!

A Couple Months Ago...


Since I finished reading Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants, I finally decided to watch the movie. The book was better. Movie was OK, but book was much better. BUT, my favorite "teen" books are still hands down the Twilight series...and that movie comes out in 5 months!!! :D (and the last book is less than 1 month away!!!)Ahh, something to look forward to!

Ok, now back to my sewing machine...and I'll share some sewn goodness with you later!

Friday, July 4, 2008

I'm in like flinn!!!!

Yeppers....that's right!!!! I AM IN!!! I can access the fiskateers msg board!!!!

2 of the fab 5 visited me...telling me not to give up...this morning...I went back and tried again...denied :( but thought...whatever, I am just going to keep putting in my password cause I KNOW it is right...and POOF!!! It worked! It had the msg at the top of the page telling me something was invalid but when I hit enter, it worked! So, if you are still having problems, you just need to login to the same page over!

I am so happy! I feel like me again! :) Hehe

Thursday, July 3, 2008


Do you miss me?! I sure miss you!

I cannot login to the Fiskateers website. It is so sad. I can read the messages, but not post. I reset my password, but it just doesn't work for me. It is really depressing to read everything and not be able to participate! I feel like I am on a gag order!!! lol I have no choice but to hold my tongue...and post here, but it is just not the same (sorry readers...but if you are part of the Fiskateers I am sure you could understand my pain of not being able to join in!!!!)

Forgive me while I got techie for a moment:
I read a thread there about "complaints" on the new board...I was sad to read complaints...I am no programmer, but I have set up message boards before...using Open Source software (all hail to open source!!!!)...but I did not pass my second level PHP programming class...bad bad me (I did pass the ASP portion tho!!!). I tried, but it was not something I should have attempted online (and in my defense, I did not have a very good teacher for when I asked a question, I got a reply of "read ch X" no matter what the question, the answer was pathetic....and never helpful! I want to do that class again, but won't do it at that school, or until they get a better teacher.) I don't care for the set up of the new message board, but their were/are great intentions behind it. Change can be difficult when people have become accustomed to something. I don't know that there is the "perfect" message board out there already...all of them would need a little tweaking to suit the Fiskateers...but I believe things will get straightened out with V 2.0 and all will be happy once more...I just uh, hope its soon! I am jonesin'! ;)

Well, I am off to attempt something productive since I cant be a fiskafreak...maybe someone is trying to tell me something :(


I've always had a passion for all things Celtic. I have also always had a passion for dance...put the two together and what do you get? A busy person! :)

I started Ceili dancing (Irish Social dancing) a couple weeks ago and I am soooo hooked!!! I LOOOOVE IT!!!! I cannot get enough! It is so much fun! I have done Scottish Country dance, Scottish Highland Dance, and Cape Breton Step Dance in the past, and I loved all those too, but there is just something about Ceili dancing! I am also doing Sean-nos (Old style) Irish dance which is similar to tap/clogging/Cape Breton Step. :)

So, now, instead of just being active with the local Scottish Society, I find myself helping with the Ceili Society, too (in addition to what I do with the World Beat Festival) I think I am the walking definition of "Career Volunteer"!

So, if you are in the Salem area, Tuesday evening at the VFW Hall on Hood Street...Ceili Dancing! No partner necessary! I can't remember the price for just one class (as I take two on that night for $10 - a deal or what?!) but classes will be running through July...and then start back up again in September. :)

I have a spammer

...Her name is Kimberlee

Seriously tho, my sweet fiskafriend Kimberlee has gone comment crazy (and I love it!!!! :D) Thank you Kimberlee!!! She doesn't have a blog for me to post, but you can visit her here and see all her great creations!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

for your viewing ...reading... pleasure

Drillbit Taylor is a failure! Sorry Owen...but well, this movie was uh, lame. I am usually not so hard on films...I can even deal with the worst of them, but well, this one was just not my cup of tea. BUT, just think, it can only go up from here!

On other films...I recently watched, or rather, finally watched....The Notebook...and OMG! I see what I was missing. What an awesome will be a classic. It will be one that film classes dissect in future times. It IS worthy!

I also saw "The End of the Affair" was good too. I enjoyed the way it was put together and the concept and narration were interesting. Worth watching (but uh, it's probably considered a chic flick so be warned)...still it was good :)

And, just so you don't think that all I have been doing lately is watching movies...I read a book the other night. Started it as soon as I got Aoife in bed (that was midnight since she took a way late nap - sigh) and finished it by 3 AM :) Ok, so what was it you ask? The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Yes, a teen book. I met the author, Ann Brashares, when I was in NYC in February and I wish I had read it before I met her...but at least I can say I have read it now! I WILL be reading the next 3...and plan to check out the movie too. Shall be interesting to see the changes from book to film.


I started this post a week ago (at least) and it got filed in drafts while I took photos (to tease you with) and so uh, here we go....

My "FATHER" album (see below) got me uberinspired and I have since started making two more...and have plans more another 3 since I have the chipboard for another three!

Can't have father, without mother...
I called my dad asking him if he knew where childhood photos of my mum could be found...he said, "good luck!" There is a tote at their house I will be taking with me next time I visit (next month - woo hooo!) so photos for this creation I am working on will have to wait, but the base, she's a done! I opted to use the Heidi Grace A Little Bird's Tale line and am theme'n my mum's album "A Little Bird's Tale" (I like the play on words). My hope is that I can get a collection of photos from my mum's childhood into the album...and hopefully a recent pic too!

Next, I decided that our sweet chicken kitty (I call her this because she is a chicken, with fur...a scaredy cat) did not have enough representation in the family scrap pile, so using the Cloud 9 kitty collection (I picked up a page pack at Target) I started on the base for her book.

I have HG Baby's just asking to be scrapped!!! But, three kids, 1 set of paper...can I do it? yes I can! :D Since I am on such a board book/mini book kick, and discovered some awesome old family photos, I thought it would be fun to create a family baby book with pics of all the relatives (ok, some...all would be a novel!). I am going to mix the album up alternating chipboard bases from the HG chipboard stickers and clear plastic. This will add a fun new dimension...and creating clear is sooo much fun!

Friday, June 27, 2008

We interrupt this crafting....

for a funny moment...

Mommy, I want you to get me a sword next time you get a sword.

And a tiger, too.

So I can be like He-Man.

Mommy, I want to be He-Man.

.....Uh, yeah, kids say the darnest things! This is what my 3 year old daughter said to me this morning. :D

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Wee Bundle....

So, I took a class at a local stamp/craft/scrap shop with a friend the other day and picked up the most adorable "wee bundle". This is an adorable paper line by Sassafrass called Sunshine Lollipops! It rocks!

BUT...I discovered a discrepancy when I was transferring it to my 6x6 album where I "showcase" my mini papers until's not 6x6. :( It is 5.75 x 5.75. Normally, I would not make a big deal of out it, but I had big plans for this little paper...calculated plans...that now must be recalculated. I wonder if all these "wee bundles" are like this...I wonder why? Maybe Sassafras will have an answer...

None the less, it's too yummy NOT to scrap...I have just had to modify my plans...I started by using the cover (every scrap is sacred!) and created this card for a friend...this card is long overdue and I hope it is a nice surprise for her!

I used the Fiskars Comma Squeeze punch for the orange well as HG chipboard for the beak, and a Cloud 9 raindot for the wing. The bow is a scrap of fabric left over from a quilt I made a while ago...same with the "ribon" Oh and yes, those are the Fiskars Threading Water and Leave it to Weaver border punches...and ink, lots of ink! :)

Fiskateers 2.0

The Fiskateers message board is down!!! :( Guess now I will have to craft to get my Fisk-a-fix!!! BUT...they have plans to reveal the new Fiskateers board next week...when the new leads (and 1 returning) take over...July 1st cannot come quick enough!!! :) And...they whole shebang will take the week because they are integrating the previous website/board/gallery into the new one, which, although I have a degree in New Media Arts goes so far beyond my "education" into the realm of the technical that I so desire to know (and hopefully one day will, if I can ever take classes on campus!) Kudos to you Fiskatechs! Can't wait to see what you have created for us Fiskafreaks and Fiskanerds! :D

Wanna know a secret? I applied for a lead Fiskateer position. I haven't said anything about it before (when the process was happening) because I didn't want to get my hopes up...but the day I got an email from Carrie from Brains on Fire telling me that I had made it to the final few and they wanted a phone interview...I cannot tell you how elated I was! I am still pretty impressed with myself about it, especially since I have been "officially" scrapbooking for less than a year...but immersed in the whole craft world all my life! Alas, I did not make the official final cut...but the 5 who did are impressive ladies! (and since the term is 2 years, I am hopefully for 2010! :))

And speaking of Brains on Fire...if you have never visited their website/blog, do so now! It's's inspirational! If I lived in SC, I would be banging on their door for a job...correction, for a new way of life!

And on that thought...I am going to make a bagel for the 9 year old...

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Blog Candy!

It is hard to resist blog why try?

Check out - maybe you will win yourself some blog candy!!!

Inspiration Found!

So, I've been lacking on the craftiness lately...I mean really, what kind of crafty blog is this without any crafting going on? Well, I found inspiration the other day from a guest blogger on the Fiskateers board, which kick-started by craftiness...and for the last couple days I have been immersed in creating a mini album using the HG chipboard as a base, and I went one step further and turned the package into a front and back cover, too. ( intense :))

My favorite photo!
A happy grandfather superimposed over my father as a teen.

This mini album was created with lots of HG goodies: We Are Family paper line, chipboard, rub-ons, alphabet stickers & chipboard, signature hearts (like raindots), Cloud 9 epoxy quotes, We r MemoryKeepers Eyelets (and Cropadile), Fiskars Vine corner/border punch and Threading Water & Leave it to Weaver border punches, lots of foam dots, ribbons, buttons and chalk ink.

This was sooo much fun...and I am already planning my next...I love being able to "recycle" my packaging, especially into something so memorable! Thanks for looking!

Friday, June 13, 2008


Well, I finally saw it...I hesitated for a while since I was not sure that RDJr could pull off the character, but I had free tickets and they had to be used by the end of the month... I'll admit it...I am pleasantly surprised! If you haven't seen it, it is definitely worth seeing on the big screen!

And heck, I am not just a comic/superhero girl...I'm a Marvel girl at that (although Spidey is my ultimate sweetheart ;)) and Ironman kicks butt!

Now...the anticipating of The Dark Knight! Even though it's DC, Batman rocks...and Christian Bale as Batman rocks even more :D hehe Oh and Christopher Nolan as a writer and director...soooooo worth watching his talent at work!!!'s another movie night (I am really taking advantage of this no school thing! lol) Girls night out with Sex and the City. We tried to go last week but there were not 3 seats together, and unless we want to wait months, it has to be this weekend since one of my friends is due to pop out baby #2 in 13 days!!! :)

Oh, and be proud of me...although I didn't get it all done, I got 1/2 of my 2 do list accomplished...and it was the "productive" half (not that shopping coupon spending/wasting money half ;))

Happy Friday....the 13th!!!

OMG I just's Friday the 13th!!!! Soooo Happy Friday the 13th!!!! I am not superstitious on this day...I don't think it is bad at all, actually think the reverse as it is Freya's day...Norse goddess of love and beauty, so how could that be all bad?! :)

OK, and this is my 3rd post in a couple hours so I had better get something "productive" done...and stop rambling...but still happy Friday :D

2 day 2 do

maybe if i post my 2 do list, it will be a good reminder to get 'er done!

so, 2 do 2 day
- go to city about building permit (are you curious about what i am building???!!! ;))
- JCP (don't forget coupon!)
- Borders? (see coupon in last post! - downtown location...kill 3 birds with 1 stone - see 2 above)
- mail stuff (lots of stuff to mail!)
- WEB stuff - mom (priority!!!)
- WEB stuff - bill GAS
- WEB stuff - ENA
- laundry
- clean top of book shelf
- boys' karate
- scrap?! :D

Coupons r Goooooood!

30% off anyone?

I can't resist books, especially when coupons are involved!

Not exactly sure what I plan to buy, but I have been eying Food Cures...

Oh, and speaking of's about 49% off your ENTIRE PURCHASE at!

Have fun shopping!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Huh? Time Flies...Uh Yeah...

What would I do without Pinky? She dropped by and reminded me that uh, I haven't been here in a while...OoooOOoOOops! :)

It's not that I haven't wanted to, but well...OMG this past month...the past couple months...CRAZY I tell ya!

BUT...Good News!!!!! SCHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL'S OUT FOR SUMMER!!!! No, I'm not talkin about the kids, they have school all summer to prepare for their "new beginning" in Sept (more in a bit on that) but for me...I'm finished for the "year"! Now...I am just waiting for my grades...My goal was the president's list (yeah, Im a nerd like that) but I, unfortunately, know I am not making it since I missed a couple assignments so I won't have all A's. *sigh*sob*sob* :P I know I passed everything, but I am still curious :)

Times...they are a changin' (I'm in a singin' mood tonight ;)) .... So, the new beginning...well, as much as I love homeschooling...and it pains me to send the kids off into the crazy system of "public" must it be. Come September, they will be subjects of the system. I hope to continue with my "personal" education, but it is up in the air right financially, it is getting difficult to juggle it all...but, I have hope! Wanna hear it? If no, stop reading here :P

My plan for the summer is to sew like a crazy mo-fo and learn the workings of the Miva Merchant shopping system on my server so I can do seamless e-commerce without all the third party crud pulling it apart. I will be setting up my online store over the summer...I am my own test subject :) Additionally, as public school is going to be a HUGE adjustment, especially for the younger, I will be getting a job outside the home, but not until he is settled in. So, this past couple months has been alot of researching, contemplating, deciding, changing my mind, researching more, contemplating and deciding again!

So, there it a nutshell (ok, a large nutshell)...and with that thought, there is a little girl falling asleep on the sofa in the other room who needs some attention :)

Monday, April 28, 2008

Good Morning...again! ;)

Can you tell I am trying not to do what I am supposed to do???? ;)

A friend visited (virtually) this uh, 2 mins after I posted a project on I just wanted to say Hi Friend! :) Pinky is my new I am gonna return the favor and stalk her too! She has an adorable blog... Plus, us homeschoolers gotta stick together...especially the crazy crafty ones :) Pinky is crazy crafty! and check out those tutorials!!

Oh, and I finally ran out of my super size box of tea that my parents bring me from Canada. more Tetley Orange I have been sampling others, but yet to find a fav. Sterling (9 year old) and I, since he is my tea drinkin pal, have been consuming Twinnings for the past few days. It was ok, but I am not sold on it. Then we moved to Stash (Portland, OR company!!!) for their English Breakfast...yeah, it's ok...I hate that they use staples...cause to compost the bags, I gotta take them out (another point for Tetley...they do not individually wrap their bags, and the bags are round, with no staples or strings! Very eco friendly!) BUT...then this morning...I found, buried in my bag of tea, ORGANIC Stash Breakfast Blend...I think I have found a new tea!!! I could easily consume it daily...Now I just gotta contact the company and see if I can urge them to use less individually wrapped bags, and lose the staples! :)

Ok, back to work...again ;)

Mundane Monday

I should be doing homework. I have an assignment that was due last night, but I just couldn't bring myself to sit here at 10 after I finally got all the kidlets to bed....and I should be doing it right now, but its Monday in Oregon...with a cloud filled sky and a grey world out my window. It's just so blah out there!

I usually can't start my day without visiting the Fiskateers, and having tea...well, I visited the Fiskateers, but did a rather silly thing yesterday and let my kettle boil dry, which I noticed only from the horrid plastic smell. Now, I have a beautiful brushed stainless kitchenaid kettle (the type that costs almost $100 but I got at a Mervyn's sale - Oh I wish there was still Mervyn's here!!! - for $8! I love being a coupon shopper! :)) Anyway, there are only 2 small pieces of plastic on this kettle...and they have never melted you know I did a major thing getting them to melt. Sigh. I am not sure if I am going to use the kettle again...or if it will become decor. The thought of melting plastic and tea just doesn't mesh well for me...Good thing I have excess supply of Paderno pots! No plastic on them! :)

I have math class tonight...which I don't mind, and I am actually looking forward to since I heard that some other BigLots have gotten in new scrap stuff! Not that I should be buying ANYTHING but I gotta at least CHECK the deals ;)

And on that thought...I had better go check my pot...they say the watched pot never boils, but if I don't watch it, who knows what might happen! :)

Mini Book

This little mini book was inspired by fashion...which was a "challenge" at the Fiskars Craft website for the month of April. I have been trying to upload to their gallery, but it just ain't working for me! :(

I spent alot of time at the grocery store (since the kid's Karate Dojo is right there) so I walk by the cutest little store all the's called Corky's Daughter. They have awesome's a great lil' gifty shop. Well, for the past week, they have had the most adorable apron outside. It catches my attention everytime!!! It's turquoise with white dots, and big white scalloped flowers and cherries in the middle of them...yes, cherries! And I just LOOOVE anything with cherries!

It inspired this mini book...

I used DCWV cardstock and Creative Imaginations pattern paper. The white cover flower is chipboard, which I traced and made matching cardstock ones for each of the pages. I also used some odd rub ons I just got in my April Fiskateers swap, and some ribbon I had lying around. Best is created on tags made from an old cereal box. Fun way to recycle!

I think we may send it to my mom for Mother's Day filled with pics and notes from the kids. She can hang it up at her store to show them off :)

Monday, April 21, 2008

Kids Say the Darnest Things...

Here I am...crafting (finally)...listening to the kids talk in the other room when a cartoon came on...

Sterling (9): I've never hear of this show...
Rowan (13): Oh, it's old, ask mom. She used to watch it when she was a girl...
Sterling: Mom's always been a girl.


With 3 kids...these moments are plenty...but I couldn't resist sharing this one!

***here's another...I was just sorting through some photos (with the hopes of scrapping tomorrow) and found pics of my daughter's first "real" hair cut...I was getting so annoyed with how her hair would just fall in her face, that I decided it was time to chop it. I took her in the bathroom, combed her hair and cut. Once finished, she stood up, looked in the mirror and said, "I got hair like Willy Wonka now!" LOL (At this moment in time - 1 month ago - Tim Burton's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was her favorite movie) Personally, even tho Johnny is pretty cute, I think Aoife is much cuter ;)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Quote Junkie

I'm a quote junkie! At least I can admit it ;)

I stumbled across this in my email this morning...

“The best effect of any book is that it excites the reader to self activity.”
Scottish Historian Thomas Carlyle

and I love it! I thought it fitting to share since a couple weeks ago I created a Scottish Cultural Display for the World Beat Gallery (downtown Salem, Oregon - Reed Opera House - 3rd floor) and formatted and published a free educational curriculum to coordinate with it (which can be downloaded - FREE - here!) AND now...I am working on (among many other things) getting ready for the 2008 summer reading club for the homeschool group with which I volunteer....PLUS, books excite me (read last post) so well, this quote is my inspiration for today...maybe it will inspire you, too!

I closed my eyes and 3 weeks past!

OMG!!! 3 weeks have past since my last post...what the heck happened?!

I am on the computer often enough (too often really!) but I have not managed to visit my own blog until now...2/3 kids are at the movies...leaving me with the one who is self sufficient, therefore, I can have a little "me" time (I really should be doing geography homework though as it is due today...but it will wait for a few minutes while I visit with you!)

As a crafter and earth-lover combined, when I stumble across products that are created with the environment in mind, I get pretty excited :) There are a few scrap companies that make recycled paper (such as PiggyTales and TimeFies...both who I assisted at CKC Portland) and I would love to see more get on this bandwagon!

So anyway, April 22 is just around the corner...which means that there is extra enviro-talk going on right now...which is kinda funny because I have been thinking alot (NOTE: spelling is Canadian, EHabout environmental issues lately, especially relating to my educational/career goals...

I know exactly what I want to do, but well, there is just not enough of me to do all I want to do! :) Ideally, I will be publishing books, paper, magazines (eventually)...and as every day my concern about the environment and environmental issues increases, I know that I will not be just any publisher...I do not want to further contribute to the cycle of excess waste, clear-cutting and pollution (of all sorts), so I find myself researching environmental issues relating to publishing...and I had my AH-HA moment! :) Publishing books with vegetable or soy based inks on 100% post consumer recycled paper. Yes, a grandiose goal, but I know I will get there...sooner or later! (Let's hope sooner than later ;))

A couple months ago I learned that my previous education was not transferable to a US college because I went to a private me going back to school was actually like I was starting over...SIGH!, as I am reconsidering just how I go about reaching my goals, I realize that maybe it was a good thing that I am having to stay in school longer than anticipated because now I am looking at getting a degree in Environmental Engineering, too!

Well, homework calls...and I need to clean my table since my camera has gone MIA and I think its buried somewhere around here! Hopefully, I will be back later with some crafty goodness to share as I have a few new projects in progress! Woo hooo! :)

Sunday, March 30, 2008


I cannot believe it is Sunday already!! I am back to school tomorrow...this term I will be going 3 nights a week since I *have* to get my math classes taken care of and those are definite ON CAMPUS classes! ;)

Tomorrow, I will be setting up a Scottish Cultural Display at the World Beat Gallery in the Reed Opera House (downtown Salem)...this display is one of my brainchildren! It officially opens on April 2nd and runs until July 15! Tomorrow is going to be a busy day...

Its almost the end of March...that means almost the end of National Craft month...and no more Fiskateer projects on the main Fiskars Craft Site :/ Oh, did you see mine??? It was March 29th! Here's a peek for ya...

The background is fabric...patterned paper, flowers and ribbon are Heidi Grace. My grandfather (Poppa) is the young man in the dress in the center ;)

Ok, I just got an email from my friend Deborah (who runs the Groovy Doodle challenges) and she is reminding me I need to get I must go doodle... :D

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Can U Believe It?!

It's Thursday...Spring Break is more than half way thru! Can U Believe It?! What happened to the week?! What happened to my "week off"?!

I was awoken this morning by a little girl who wanted to play...I convinced her it was still time to sleep, so she curled up in my bed...when I got up, she followed me shortly after telling me that I needed to come back, it was not time to wake, it was time to can you say no to that?! So, we had a cuddle...and watched Clifford :)

It gave me a moment of down time to just sit and think...yesterday was crazy! Soooo busy...but sooo productive - thankfully - finally! lol My appt with my school advisor paid off, and I have decided to stay at the same school for another year since I can 124 credits with me, and I can take some of my lower level classes there (which is a considerable savings!)...

I am a morning person...and I so look forward to my "morning routine" (it's my ME time when the children still sleep and I can sit and sip tea :)) ....So today, as usual, I visited the Fiskateers, Fiskadeals (did u see the deal today?! As if I wasn't squeeze punch happy enough! Woo hooo!), Fiskars Crafts (fun mini book is today's featured project!)...I also stopped by CropGirl (she is spring cleaning...I wish mine was going as well! and there's a challenge...scrap your scraps! Are u up for it?!), and Confessions of a Chocoholic (which reminded me of the kit I have been longing to get....maybe I shouldn't tell tho, but well, there are 18 in stock as of this hopefully all 18 won't be gone before I have the $ to splurge!)

And now...2/3 of the kids are awake, so me time to get a start on the rest of the day!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Ok, so I had all intention of re-posting my LO...only to get attacked by the kids' cold...UGH! I have been trying to fight it...and thought I was doing a pretty good job, until I try to sleep, cause then the kids can't sleep and so I can't sleep. I have an appt at school on Wednesday...I cannot be sick!!!!

Got mail yesterday...2 of 3 textbooks have arrived already! WOO HOOO!! Best of all, they are the RIGHT ones! even bigger WOO HOOOOOO! Let's hope the next arrives before class and its right too! This is saving me about $200 ($200 that I can spend elsewhere? hehe)

I also got one of my Fiskadeals...The HG Garden Scrap Set...OMG it's huge! I have one more purchase out there that I am waiting for....the HG Vineyard set...and I am crossing my fingers it arrives soon, too!

And...the kids got a new monitor yesterday (it arrived...right on schedule)...they will finally be sitting at a decent range from the screen! So that means we can get back to typing lessons ;)

Ok, more later...right now, I gotta get dressed to start the day...and tacking my "to do list"

Things to do today:
- call dentist
- 30 min thurs (yeah, I know it aint thurs :P)
- Noel Mignon Challenge
- Penil Lines

Ok, those are the things I wish to do today...guess we shall see how the day goes ;)

Thursday, March 20, 2008


This is a temp share this LO for a Challenge at Erin's blog...I will be reposting tomorrow when I have good light for a GOOD photo! :D

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy Green Irish Day!

I wish I could say I made it...but I can't. It is one of the reasons I look forward to today each year...White Cheddar Guiness Bread from Great Harvest...they only make it at this time of year, and at will be gone til 2009!

It is best served warm with butter...and makes the perfect side for stew (or salad ;))

So...Top o' the morning to ya...ok, so it's afternoon...but none the less...HELLO! :D

It's Irish Green Day! I'm Irish...and it shows (especially when I get warm...the Irish blood rises to my cheeks!) We do not have much planned for this overcast day, but we do anticipate making some cookies (with green chips in them) and of course, listening to some Flogging Molly (uh, yeah, not much different than any other day!)

So we started the morning with a hair cut...I took about 3 inches off my little girl's hair. It was hard, I contemplated, but I am so glad I made the cut! :) Her hair actually looks styled now, even when messy, instead of the wild do she had before.

On Saturday, I got to attend a wonderful Charity Chop hosted by my Fiskafriend Julie (#725)...and OMG was it ever so much fun! She did a great job, and worked so hard to plan a fab day! She really out did herself! It was worth the 2 hour drive (each way!) We created a page, and a card...and I actually got some other projects started too!
Here are a few shots of what I created...

File Folder Album made with papers from PiggyTales...

Inside of File Folder Album...a work in progress...

"Awww C'mon Mom"

Close up of above LO

Craft Caddy...lots more at where members of the community have been making them!

Sneak peek of something started at the crop but not quite finished...yet!

And now...I'm back to to finish (both mine and the kids)...last week of term for me...then 1 week off, woo hooo!