Friday, November 16, 2007

Adverbs Adverbs and more Adverbs!

I am working on a LO for a challenge...using an adverb. What fun! I have found so many fun ideas for titles...thanks to this website

Check it out!

Holiday Cards...

There was a call out on the Fiskateers message board to send in holiday cards. Here is the one I created for the occassion...




Since I did not have any Fiskars family papers (Cloud 9 or Heidi Grace), I opted to use a variety of Fiskars tools to create the card. For this, I used my ultra shape express with diamond and circle templates. It was such a breeze...and so much fun!

4 More Holiday Ornament Cards

I have already begun working on a few other ideas for similar cards for each of the season...and as I complete them, I will be sharing those here as well!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Quilts & More

My absolute favorite quilting magazine is Better Homes & Gardens Quilts and More. I just picked up the Winter 2007 edition...ohh, I wanna go sew!! :D They have some of the cutest projects and great gift ideas. I think I am going to make my daughter a kitche apron...heck, I could probably make my 8-year-old son one too, since he is a budding chef, as well! From totes, to stockings to snowflakes (and we all know that I just LOVE snowflakes almost as much as I love cherries!) many great ideas!

Well, I am off to make lunch for the kiddies...and break out my sewing machine!

Sunday, November 4, 2007


12:12 make a wish!

Another day disappears!

Where did it go? I swear it was here just a minute ago! I can't believe the day is over. I still have so much to do...things I must, things I want to...blah!

I missed finishing Sketch #1 and the Local Flavor LOs for the Fiskars online crop. Deadling was today. oops! I kinda forgot - thought I had til tomorrow...I was being more responsible by doing school instead of scrapping! ;)

Tomorrow - today - is another day! I really want to finish at least the sketch 1 lo...I think I am on to something with it - finally! I have to finish my English my my response paper...

But all that will just have to wait...cause right now, I'm off to bed...

Friday, November 2, 2007

Garden Girl...My Rules - Fiskars Tools

When I saw this kit at Paper Zone, I couldn't resist! It is SEI Doodley Doo Girl. It is just so cute! It came with an assortment of double sided papers (I hated not being able to use both sides at the same time!), as well as card stock stickers/tags/frames, card stock sticker letters (2 styles - LOVE THESE THINGS!!!) and a sheet of velvet paper (I haven't had the heart to cut into this one yet!) The cardstock is DCWV...two tones of green, two tones of a dusty purple/mauve.

Close up of the embellishment held on by silver brads.

For journalling, I hand cut leaves (with my trusty Fiskars scissors) and wrote different adjectives to describe my daughter.

Two Pages Together.

Left Page.

Right Page.

I love to make the frame, I used my Fiskars USE and scallop template. It is so easy, and pretty darn quick once you get the hang of it. I love it! I use it all the time...and don't know how I ever lived without it!

Thanks for looking!

This is Halloween - This is Halloween!

Noel Mignon Challenge for the past couple weeks has been Halloween...and since I always love a good challenge, I dug through the boxes and boxes of photos and actually found some Halloween pics (and finally scrapped them!) Of course, Halloween is my FAVORITE time of year, so just adding them to the regular album was not good enough, plus for some Halloweens I only have 1 or 2 (not so good) I decided to create an album just for our Halloween adventures. I am calling it "This is Halloween -This is Halloween" after the Nightmare Before Christmas song. When I get around to a front page, I will add the lyrics. I know Aoife will appreciate that because she runs around the house singing that song all the time - like mother, like daughter!

So, I am off to a pretty good start...

Halloween 1997. Spider-Man costume (which was more of an every day jogging suit cause the kid loved Spider-Man so much - another genetic trait ;)) made by yours truly...heck, my leopard fur pants, vest and ears were made by me, too!

Next...VAMPRINCESS! Another Carlee outfit...crushed velvet bodice, lace trim neck and sleeves, spiderweb netting overskirt and black satin underskirt...she was adorable!
And finally...
Anne Boleyn, Back from the Dead :) And another dress made by Carlee...30 or so spiral and/or spring steel bones in the bodice. At least 6 yards of fabric in the skirt alone. I loved making this dress...too bad I only got to wear it for one day - but at least I got to wear it to school and out at it was a full day! :)

I still have some photos left to scrap: Pippi Longstocking and a baby bear; Johnny Knoxville, a dead murderer and a lady bug; a bumble bee, Vaati and Zant (Zelda characters). Oh, and I guess I will have to "redawn" my Sally costume from last year since I don't think I got any photos of me - that's what happens when you are the family photog!

Until next time...

Sketch #2

This is my take on Fiskateers Round-Up Sketch #2.

These are the first photos I have printed off on my HP Photo Printer...not too shabby! :)

Heidi Grace Rub-Ons from the Harvest Row Collection to accent the top of the page. DCVW Card Stock and pumpkin patterned paper. Making Memories pumpkin brads (so glad I finally got to use them...they are so cute!)

Thanks for looking!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Round-Up Round 1

So it has begun!!! The Fiskateers Online Round-Up is officially underway! WOO HOOO!

If you are not part of the fun, you gotta check it out. It is already in full swing and there is a delicious recipe thread that makes my mouth water just reading it! :) hehe

I have my stack of photos...And so the fun begins!!!
BBL with updates!