Monday, October 29, 2007

This, that and the other...

So, the Halloween Ceilidh was a bust - the hall messed up, so everything got messed up. *SIGH* but I couldn't let all the fun I had planned for the kids go to waste, so I invited some people, and a bunch of kids over to the house. Of course, this was only with a few short hours notice, so I had to clean my "office" (read: dining room/living room) in order to "entertain." Woah! What! Yeah, it was a mad rush, but I did I guess I am now officially ready for the Fiskateers On-line crop that starts on Nov 1st! :) woo hoooooo!

I am getting some photos printed today (Vegas pics from K&Ms wedding)...not that I need any more pics to scrap, but since that experience is fresh in my mind, I would to get it on paper right away. I have a few pages of notes and ideas...I can't wait to create!

I have a midterm paper due tomorrow, and then another due on next Monday. I have a test this week, too! So, I had guess I had better get a move on or all my scrap ideas will be put on hold even longer!

Friday, October 26, 2007

1 week til Round-Up!


1 week til the start of the Fiskars (online) Round-Up! I can't wait!!! I am trying to get all my "work" and "school" done so I have a few free days to craft my life away! I had fun at my first online crop with Fiskars in Sept...and then again in Oct...they just rock! So much fun! So much inspiration! So many awesome ideas floatin about!

Be there, or be square!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

the {W}RIGHT men

I have had this photo of my eldest son, father and grandfather for years...probably about 8. It has followed me around, never getting put into the stacks of other photos, but rather, always mixed in with my note books or papers. The poor photo has been shuffled here and there, just begging for some attention - an envelope to keep it safe, or a frame to show it off...well, I finally did one step better and scrapped it! :)

It sat matted for some time, and it was not until I got a little push with a "finish those projects" challenge, that I actually completed a layout for this baby. I am so glad I did! I absolutely LOVE how it turned out and I can't wait to show it off! I emailed it to my dad this morning :)

Solid cardstock is DCVW. Patterned paper and embellishments (minus black ribbon) are all Heidi Grace from the Maple Crest Ct. line. It is a great line, I was just not sure where to go with all the goodies...chipboard, cardstock stickers, rub-ons, flowers...finally, something spoke to me and they all came together! I antiqued all the edges, used white pen for part of the title, and did some of my own doodles to accent the rub-ons used. The background is orange, although it looks like it has a pink hue to it in the photo. The colors are all very soft...and I just love it (did I say that already?)

Thanks for looking!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Scrap Challenge

If you scrap, and even if you don't scrap, you need to check out Scrapitivity. It is a new scrapbooking challenge site that just started - today! The first challenge is to scrap about something everyday, and the sample give is a page from a magazine. The second sample is a mini book based on fashion pictures from mags - THE LIGHT JUST WENT ON! It is wayyy toooo cool! I have so many pictures torn from many samples of cool clothes (especially corsets) that deserve to be shared, shown, and displayed. I am so gonna scraplift that idea!!!

So, although I cannot scrap about the everyday right now (I have to complete 2 school assignments), I will definitely be participating in this challenge...a scrapper can never have too many challenges ;)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

From whence the baby came...

So, Sterling, my 8 year old, and I have had the conversation of where babies come from...well, actually, he had the conversation, I just listened. He told me that babies are "pooped out." I laughed, and made the joke of that is why he can be such a little...well, anyway, the kids are wating Surfs Up...and Sterling just came running in here (the other room) saying "I knew it! I knew it!" Mom, baffled looking, curiously asks, "Know what?" Sterling replies, "I knew that babies were pooped out! Tank just said that his mom just pooped him out and put him on the board...I knew babies were pooped out! I WAS right!!!"

Kids say the darnest things....and how am I supposed to compete with that?! ;)