Wednesday, October 10, 2007

From whence the baby came...

So, Sterling, my 8 year old, and I have had the conversation of where babies come from...well, actually, he had the conversation, I just listened. He told me that babies are "pooped out." I laughed, and made the joke of that is why he can be such a little...well, anyway, the kids are wating Surfs Up...and Sterling just came running in here (the other room) saying "I knew it! I knew it!" Mom, baffled looking, curiously asks, "Know what?" Sterling replies, "I knew that babies were pooped out! Tank just said that his mom just pooped him out and put him on the board...I knew babies were pooped out! I WAS right!!!"

Kids say the darnest things....and how am I supposed to compete with that?! ;)

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