Monday, October 29, 2007

This, that and the other...

So, the Halloween Ceilidh was a bust - the hall messed up, so everything got messed up. *SIGH* but I couldn't let all the fun I had planned for the kids go to waste, so I invited some people, and a bunch of kids over to the house. Of course, this was only with a few short hours notice, so I had to clean my "office" (read: dining room/living room) in order to "entertain." Woah! What! Yeah, it was a mad rush, but I did I guess I am now officially ready for the Fiskateers On-line crop that starts on Nov 1st! :) woo hoooooo!

I am getting some photos printed today (Vegas pics from K&Ms wedding)...not that I need any more pics to scrap, but since that experience is fresh in my mind, I would to get it on paper right away. I have a few pages of notes and ideas...I can't wait to create!

I have a midterm paper due tomorrow, and then another due on next Monday. I have a test this week, too! So, I had guess I had better get a move on or all my scrap ideas will be put on hold even longer!

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