Sunday, September 7, 2008

honoured to be honourably mentioned

Well, I didn't win...but I got an honourable mention :) friend Julie in Waldport won!!! SO WOOOO HOOOO Julie!!!! WTG!

AND....I was in Portland yesterday for the An Damhsa show and it rocked!! Maldon and everyone did such a great job! So inspiring!!!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thank you!

a short post...

Just wanted to thank everyone/anyone who votes for me in the Craft Warehouse scrapbook contest! They will be announcing the winners at each of the stores on Saturday at 1...but alas, I cannot be present :( Disappointing, but I will be on my way somewhere fun...

My Irish dance teacher is putting on a show in Portland...

2pm, Sat Sept. 6, 2008
An Damhsa: Irish Dance Show
Friendly House Community Center
1737 NW 26th Avenue, Portland, OR

Featuring music, dance and song
Irish Sean-nos, Irish Step, Irish Set
Cape Breton, Tap, Clogging and Modern Dance

Live Music by:
Johnny Connolly (accordion), Cary Novotny (guitar, vocals)
Hanz Araki (flute, vocals, bodhran), Dale Russ (fiddle)

Maldon Meehan (Portland), Kieran Jordan (Boston)
Shannon Dunne (DC), Alicia Guinn (Seattle)
Maldon Meehan Dancers, Ceili of the Valley Dancers, Seattle Sean-nos Dancers

Narration: Robert Deans

This show is funded in part by the Regional Arts & Culture Council

Tickets are only $7
On sale at:

If you have a least visit