Friday, January 25, 2008

It's in the Genes...

Last night I attended a genealogy info session. I have always been interested in the subject, but never done a whole lot to track the family history. I have some odd papers and photos, but today, I took the first big step into recording what I know; I started a genealogy notebook. I also called my parents to pick their brains (they are getting back to me! :)) Next time I visit them, I will also attempt to get into the family photos. There are enough to last me a, where to find the time to create a "family" scrapbook! :D

OMG It's Been Way Too Long!

Ok, so it has been forever and a day. December disappeared on me, and Janauary ran away, but I caught 'er - I think! I started back to school on January 7th, and between that, children (homeschooling), and my "volunteer career" life has disappeared!

I visisted a fellow Fiskateer friend's blog this morning ( and she has a list of 2008 goals in the side bar...Ohh, I like this idea...I think I will be adding my goals, and lifting some of hers! (Great goals Debby!)

Ok, this morning has's Friday, and so far so good! Aoife just woke up (she actually slept through the night! WOO HOOO), so now I gotta go play mommy!

Happy Friday...and maybe I will get to post again!