Sunday, March 30, 2008


I cannot believe it is Sunday already!! I am back to school tomorrow...this term I will be going 3 nights a week since I *have* to get my math classes taken care of and those are definite ON CAMPUS classes! ;)

Tomorrow, I will be setting up a Scottish Cultural Display at the World Beat Gallery in the Reed Opera House (downtown Salem)...this display is one of my brainchildren! It officially opens on April 2nd and runs until July 15! Tomorrow is going to be a busy day...

Its almost the end of March...that means almost the end of National Craft month...and no more Fiskateer projects on the main Fiskars Craft Site :/ Oh, did you see mine??? It was March 29th! Here's a peek for ya...

The background is fabric...patterned paper, flowers and ribbon are Heidi Grace. My grandfather (Poppa) is the young man in the dress in the center ;)

Ok, I just got an email from my friend Deborah (who runs the Groovy Doodle challenges) and she is reminding me I need to get I must go doodle... :D

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Can U Believe It?!

It's Thursday...Spring Break is more than half way thru! Can U Believe It?! What happened to the week?! What happened to my "week off"?!

I was awoken this morning by a little girl who wanted to play...I convinced her it was still time to sleep, so she curled up in my bed...when I got up, she followed me shortly after telling me that I needed to come back, it was not time to wake, it was time to can you say no to that?! So, we had a cuddle...and watched Clifford :)

It gave me a moment of down time to just sit and think...yesterday was crazy! Soooo busy...but sooo productive - thankfully - finally! lol My appt with my school advisor paid off, and I have decided to stay at the same school for another year since I can 124 credits with me, and I can take some of my lower level classes there (which is a considerable savings!)...

I am a morning person...and I so look forward to my "morning routine" (it's my ME time when the children still sleep and I can sit and sip tea :)) ....So today, as usual, I visited the Fiskateers, Fiskadeals (did u see the deal today?! As if I wasn't squeeze punch happy enough! Woo hooo!), Fiskars Crafts (fun mini book is today's featured project!)...I also stopped by CropGirl (she is spring cleaning...I wish mine was going as well! and there's a challenge...scrap your scraps! Are u up for it?!), and Confessions of a Chocoholic (which reminded me of the kit I have been longing to get....maybe I shouldn't tell tho, but well, there are 18 in stock as of this hopefully all 18 won't be gone before I have the $ to splurge!)

And now...2/3 of the kids are awake, so me time to get a start on the rest of the day!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Ok, so I had all intention of re-posting my LO...only to get attacked by the kids' cold...UGH! I have been trying to fight it...and thought I was doing a pretty good job, until I try to sleep, cause then the kids can't sleep and so I can't sleep. I have an appt at school on Wednesday...I cannot be sick!!!!

Got mail yesterday...2 of 3 textbooks have arrived already! WOO HOOO!! Best of all, they are the RIGHT ones! even bigger WOO HOOOOOO! Let's hope the next arrives before class and its right too! This is saving me about $200 ($200 that I can spend elsewhere? hehe)

I also got one of my Fiskadeals...The HG Garden Scrap Set...OMG it's huge! I have one more purchase out there that I am waiting for....the HG Vineyard set...and I am crossing my fingers it arrives soon, too!

And...the kids got a new monitor yesterday (it arrived...right on schedule)...they will finally be sitting at a decent range from the screen! So that means we can get back to typing lessons ;)

Ok, more later...right now, I gotta get dressed to start the day...and tacking my "to do list"

Things to do today:
- call dentist
- 30 min thurs (yeah, I know it aint thurs :P)
- Noel Mignon Challenge
- Penil Lines

Ok, those are the things I wish to do today...guess we shall see how the day goes ;)

Thursday, March 20, 2008


This is a temp share this LO for a Challenge at Erin's blog...I will be reposting tomorrow when I have good light for a GOOD photo! :D

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy Green Irish Day!

I wish I could say I made it...but I can't. It is one of the reasons I look forward to today each year...White Cheddar Guiness Bread from Great Harvest...they only make it at this time of year, and at will be gone til 2009!

It is best served warm with butter...and makes the perfect side for stew (or salad ;))

So...Top o' the morning to ya...ok, so it's afternoon...but none the less...HELLO! :D

It's Irish Green Day! I'm Irish...and it shows (especially when I get warm...the Irish blood rises to my cheeks!) We do not have much planned for this overcast day, but we do anticipate making some cookies (with green chips in them) and of course, listening to some Flogging Molly (uh, yeah, not much different than any other day!)

So we started the morning with a hair cut...I took about 3 inches off my little girl's hair. It was hard, I contemplated, but I am so glad I made the cut! :) Her hair actually looks styled now, even when messy, instead of the wild do she had before.

On Saturday, I got to attend a wonderful Charity Chop hosted by my Fiskafriend Julie (#725)...and OMG was it ever so much fun! She did a great job, and worked so hard to plan a fab day! She really out did herself! It was worth the 2 hour drive (each way!) We created a page, and a card...and I actually got some other projects started too!
Here are a few shots of what I created...

File Folder Album made with papers from PiggyTales...

Inside of File Folder Album...a work in progress...

"Awww C'mon Mom"

Close up of above LO

Craft Caddy...lots more at where members of the community have been making them!

Sneak peek of something started at the crop but not quite finished...yet!

And now...I'm back to to finish (both mine and the kids)...last week of term for me...then 1 week off, woo hooo!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sunday Sunday....

and another week disappears!

So, it has officially been 1 full week since I consumed coffee! The last one I had was a venti white chocolate mocha at 7:30 AM while making the 1 hour road trip to CKC Portland. Can you believe it...I have gone a whole week!!! I am 7 days in to my 21 day challenge...and I feel great! I even walked through the coffee aisle today and took a big whiff, but did not cave! Ohhh it smelled soooo good, but that was all I needed :)

I have jumped on board to assist a fellow Fiskateer (Debby #352) with a wonderful project...a free scrap-zine called Oh Scrap! She has started a blog that you can visit here. I am a co-coordinator assisting with a variety of duties, but we can always use more help, and more inspiration! Got a LO you want to share? A sketch design? Looking for inspiration? Technique help? a Challenge? Visit the blog! The premier issue is due out April 1st!

I am gonna let you in on a lil This is a special site for the month of March (National Craft month) presented by Fiskars....featuring some of the most amazing deals!!! Today it is an awesome craft storage set that it worth about $300 for only $100(ish) and only $5 shipping! STEAL OF A DEAL! I wish my pocket book could make the purchase as it is sooo worth every penny! Be sure to visit the site every day as there is a new sale item each day! Happy Shopping!

Every morning, while I drink my tea and eat breakie, I visit the above site, in addition to and of course, This month, they are featuring a new project each day made by one of the Fiskateers. There have been some awesome, inspiring projects I hope you will visit and check them out, too!

Well, I am going to cut this one short...(yeah I know...that was short? ;)) I have to get my March Swap stuff packaged up, and prepare a gift for my Secret Sister, and my EggBuddy...Oh what a busy scrappin life! See U tomorrow!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Happy Monday...

I missed posting yesterday...I sat down in the morning with tea in hand, ready to post and then, life got the better of woke, laundry called. Between household duties, I vege'd. I watched "Death at a Funeral" while folding laundry (funny movie...and it has "Mr Darcy" in it from P&P *swoon*) that was my kind of multitasking!

I have an environmental paper due I have to get to work quick, but I wanted to drop in and say hi...and tell everyone that this is day 2 with no coffee. I am challenging myself not to drink as much coffee as I used to, meaning, no going out just to get coffee, and when I do drink it, preferably non-fat, no-whip (hopefully better for you LOL), etc. Tomorrow will be the real test as I have a night class...4 hours! Wish me luck!

There is a challenge...called the 21 day challenge, happening at 2 peas. This challenge is whatever you make of it...but the concept is that it takes 21 days to make or break a "habit" that is my coffee resolution. Have a visit, see what you there a habit you want to make or break? How about just doing 1 thing creative every day? Remember, as little or as much as you want to make of it!

Happy Monday!

Saturday, March 1, 2008


There is a random question on the Fiskateers site asks: If you could have a super power, what would it be (or something to that extent)....what did I say....STOP TIME! If I could possibly convey what a crazy month, and crazy busy past two days it has been, everyone would understand!

So, it was a heck of a night...Aoife was awake on 3 different of which she crawled into my bed, forcing me to cling to the side and attempt to sleep. I was too tired to get up and take her to her room, let her stay for a bit, but then finally got her out...only to have her wake up and cry a few more times in the night...this was the start of a late morning...which got me to CKC Portland late....not a good way to start the day as a volunteer! BUT, we made it! And I am sorry that it is all over now....

My first assignment was as a TA for PiggyTales. (I was 30 mins late)...but fortunately, it was a steady (slow) paced class...unlike the 6 pages in 1 hour class the day before, so I managed to get caught up to help anyone if necessary. Next, it was "Family Board Book" Ohhh, sounds interesting...and funny enough, it was a Cloud 9/Fiskars class! What are the chances?! I am a Fiskars Demonstrator...and I just happen to get the random volunteer op to be a TA in a Fiskars class! The book is freakin adorable, and when I finish mine (or at least start it) I will post! The class was run by Lisa Storms...she was so sweet, and has such great ideas (way cool embellishments made using all Fiskars tools!) After the board book, it was a Heidi Grace 1 year in 1 hour class....4 Layouts - one for each season...very cute, very fun! It was such a great way to start the day, and I hated to see it end...but as soon as my time there was up, I had to leave the convention to get back to my "mother" duties. I didn't even get to scope out the entire vendor that also means that I did not buy ANYTHING outside of the vouchers I got for volunteering! :O Can you believe it? ME NEITHER! :) hehe

I dropped Hannah off at home, and picked up Sterling...which is when I got to see one of the albums she got the other day and thought to myself...OMG I need to go back and get one on the way home, but I was good...and held back....even tho it was only $10 and had some way cool transparent items and lots of rub-ons!

So you wanna know what I got with my vouchers? A really cool pink fabric box that comes with a card kit to make 50 cards, as well as a mini fabric album and a 8x8 fabric album, Life Artist by Ali Edwards, The Scrapbooker's Almanac by Elizabeth Dillow, Scrapbooking with your kids (way cute stuff), and Family History Scrapbooking by Becky Higgins.

I just remembered something...totally off topic here...I modified my resume the other day and left so much out LOL like that I am a 4-H leader, and training to be a Master Recycler (yeah, you heard me right...I'm gonna be a Master (recycler)) hehe

Ok, back to our regularly scheduled program...I am glad Feb is over...although March started with a bang...but you know what they say...In like a lion...well, that is how it has started for me...and on that thought, I close...I am gonna go cuddle up with one of my new books and reinvigorate my inspiration...