Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy Green Irish Day!

I wish I could say I made it...but I can't. It is one of the reasons I look forward to today each year...White Cheddar Guiness Bread from Great Harvest...they only make it at this time of year, and at will be gone til 2009!

It is best served warm with butter...and makes the perfect side for stew (or salad ;))

So...Top o' the morning to ya...ok, so it's afternoon...but none the less...HELLO! :D

It's Irish Green Day! I'm Irish...and it shows (especially when I get warm...the Irish blood rises to my cheeks!) We do not have much planned for this overcast day, but we do anticipate making some cookies (with green chips in them) and of course, listening to some Flogging Molly (uh, yeah, not much different than any other day!)

So we started the morning with a hair cut...I took about 3 inches off my little girl's hair. It was hard, I contemplated, but I am so glad I made the cut! :) Her hair actually looks styled now, even when messy, instead of the wild do she had before.

On Saturday, I got to attend a wonderful Charity Chop hosted by my Fiskafriend Julie (#725)...and OMG was it ever so much fun! She did a great job, and worked so hard to plan a fab day! She really out did herself! It was worth the 2 hour drive (each way!) We created a page, and a card...and I actually got some other projects started too!
Here are a few shots of what I created...

File Folder Album made with papers from PiggyTales...

Inside of File Folder Album...a work in progress...

"Awww C'mon Mom"

Close up of above LO

Craft Caddy...lots more at where members of the community have been making them!

Sneak peek of something started at the crop but not quite finished...yet!

And now...I'm back to to finish (both mine and the kids)...last week of term for me...then 1 week off, woo hooo!