Thursday, March 27, 2008

Can U Believe It?!

It's Thursday...Spring Break is more than half way thru! Can U Believe It?! What happened to the week?! What happened to my "week off"?!

I was awoken this morning by a little girl who wanted to play...I convinced her it was still time to sleep, so she curled up in my bed...when I got up, she followed me shortly after telling me that I needed to come back, it was not time to wake, it was time to can you say no to that?! So, we had a cuddle...and watched Clifford :)

It gave me a moment of down time to just sit and think...yesterday was crazy! Soooo busy...but sooo productive - thankfully - finally! lol My appt with my school advisor paid off, and I have decided to stay at the same school for another year since I can 124 credits with me, and I can take some of my lower level classes there (which is a considerable savings!)...

I am a morning person...and I so look forward to my "morning routine" (it's my ME time when the children still sleep and I can sit and sip tea :)) ....So today, as usual, I visited the Fiskateers, Fiskadeals (did u see the deal today?! As if I wasn't squeeze punch happy enough! Woo hooo!), Fiskars Crafts (fun mini book is today's featured project!)...I also stopped by CropGirl (she is spring cleaning...I wish mine was going as well! and there's a challenge...scrap your scraps! Are u up for it?!), and Confessions of a Chocoholic (which reminded me of the kit I have been longing to get....maybe I shouldn't tell tho, but well, there are 18 in stock as of this hopefully all 18 won't be gone before I have the $ to splurge!)

And now...2/3 of the kids are awake, so me time to get a start on the rest of the day!

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Cat said...

Awww, I love that it was time to cuddle! That is too cute!