Saturday, March 1, 2008


There is a random question on the Fiskateers site asks: If you could have a super power, what would it be (or something to that extent)....what did I say....STOP TIME! If I could possibly convey what a crazy month, and crazy busy past two days it has been, everyone would understand!

So, it was a heck of a night...Aoife was awake on 3 different of which she crawled into my bed, forcing me to cling to the side and attempt to sleep. I was too tired to get up and take her to her room, let her stay for a bit, but then finally got her out...only to have her wake up and cry a few more times in the night...this was the start of a late morning...which got me to CKC Portland late....not a good way to start the day as a volunteer! BUT, we made it! And I am sorry that it is all over now....

My first assignment was as a TA for PiggyTales. (I was 30 mins late)...but fortunately, it was a steady (slow) paced class...unlike the 6 pages in 1 hour class the day before, so I managed to get caught up to help anyone if necessary. Next, it was "Family Board Book" Ohhh, sounds interesting...and funny enough, it was a Cloud 9/Fiskars class! What are the chances?! I am a Fiskars Demonstrator...and I just happen to get the random volunteer op to be a TA in a Fiskars class! The book is freakin adorable, and when I finish mine (or at least start it) I will post! The class was run by Lisa Storms...she was so sweet, and has such great ideas (way cool embellishments made using all Fiskars tools!) After the board book, it was a Heidi Grace 1 year in 1 hour class....4 Layouts - one for each season...very cute, very fun! It was such a great way to start the day, and I hated to see it end...but as soon as my time there was up, I had to leave the convention to get back to my "mother" duties. I didn't even get to scope out the entire vendor that also means that I did not buy ANYTHING outside of the vouchers I got for volunteering! :O Can you believe it? ME NEITHER! :) hehe

I dropped Hannah off at home, and picked up Sterling...which is when I got to see one of the albums she got the other day and thought to myself...OMG I need to go back and get one on the way home, but I was good...and held back....even tho it was only $10 and had some way cool transparent items and lots of rub-ons!

So you wanna know what I got with my vouchers? A really cool pink fabric box that comes with a card kit to make 50 cards, as well as a mini fabric album and a 8x8 fabric album, Life Artist by Ali Edwards, The Scrapbooker's Almanac by Elizabeth Dillow, Scrapbooking with your kids (way cute stuff), and Family History Scrapbooking by Becky Higgins.

I just remembered something...totally off topic here...I modified my resume the other day and left so much out LOL like that I am a 4-H leader, and training to be a Master Recycler (yeah, you heard me right...I'm gonna be a Master (recycler)) hehe

Ok, back to our regularly scheduled program...I am glad Feb is over...although March started with a bang...but you know what they say...In like a lion...well, that is how it has started for me...and on that thought, I close...I am gonna go cuddle up with one of my new books and reinvigorate my inspiration...

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