Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Ok, so I had all intention of re-posting my LO...only to get attacked by the kids' cold...UGH! I have been trying to fight it...and thought I was doing a pretty good job, until I try to sleep, cause then the kids can't sleep and so I can't sleep. I have an appt at school on Wednesday...I cannot be sick!!!!

Got mail yesterday...2 of 3 textbooks have arrived already! WOO HOOO!! Best of all, they are the RIGHT ones! even bigger WOO HOOOOOO! Let's hope the next arrives before class and its right too! This is saving me about $200 ($200 that I can spend elsewhere? hehe)

I also got one of my Fiskadeals...The HG Garden Scrap Set...OMG it's huge! I have one more purchase out there that I am waiting for....the HG Vineyard set...and I am crossing my fingers it arrives soon, too!

And...the kids got a new monitor yesterday (it arrived...right on schedule)...they will finally be sitting at a decent range from the screen! So that means we can get back to typing lessons ;)

Ok, more later...right now, I gotta get dressed to start the day...and tacking my "to do list"

Things to do today:
- call dentist
- 30 min thurs (yeah, I know it aint thurs :P)
- Noel Mignon Challenge
- Penil Lines

Ok, those are the things I wish to do today...guess we shall see how the day goes ;)

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