Friday, June 27, 2008

We interrupt this crafting....

for a funny moment...

Mommy, I want you to get me a sword next time you get a sword.

And a tiger, too.

So I can be like He-Man.

Mommy, I want to be He-Man.

.....Uh, yeah, kids say the darnest things! This is what my 3 year old daughter said to me this morning. :D

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Wee Bundle....

So, I took a class at a local stamp/craft/scrap shop with a friend the other day and picked up the most adorable "wee bundle". This is an adorable paper line by Sassafrass called Sunshine Lollipops! It rocks!

BUT...I discovered a discrepancy when I was transferring it to my 6x6 album where I "showcase" my mini papers until's not 6x6. :( It is 5.75 x 5.75. Normally, I would not make a big deal of out it, but I had big plans for this little paper...calculated plans...that now must be recalculated. I wonder if all these "wee bundles" are like this...I wonder why? Maybe Sassafras will have an answer...

None the less, it's too yummy NOT to scrap...I have just had to modify my plans...I started by using the cover (every scrap is sacred!) and created this card for a friend...this card is long overdue and I hope it is a nice surprise for her!

I used the Fiskars Comma Squeeze punch for the orange well as HG chipboard for the beak, and a Cloud 9 raindot for the wing. The bow is a scrap of fabric left over from a quilt I made a while ago...same with the "ribon" Oh and yes, those are the Fiskars Threading Water and Leave it to Weaver border punches...and ink, lots of ink! :)

Fiskateers 2.0

The Fiskateers message board is down!!! :( Guess now I will have to craft to get my Fisk-a-fix!!! BUT...they have plans to reveal the new Fiskateers board next week...when the new leads (and 1 returning) take over...July 1st cannot come quick enough!!! :) And...they whole shebang will take the week because they are integrating the previous website/board/gallery into the new one, which, although I have a degree in New Media Arts goes so far beyond my "education" into the realm of the technical that I so desire to know (and hopefully one day will, if I can ever take classes on campus!) Kudos to you Fiskatechs! Can't wait to see what you have created for us Fiskafreaks and Fiskanerds! :D

Wanna know a secret? I applied for a lead Fiskateer position. I haven't said anything about it before (when the process was happening) because I didn't want to get my hopes up...but the day I got an email from Carrie from Brains on Fire telling me that I had made it to the final few and they wanted a phone interview...I cannot tell you how elated I was! I am still pretty impressed with myself about it, especially since I have been "officially" scrapbooking for less than a year...but immersed in the whole craft world all my life! Alas, I did not make the official final cut...but the 5 who did are impressive ladies! (and since the term is 2 years, I am hopefully for 2010! :))

And speaking of Brains on Fire...if you have never visited their website/blog, do so now! It's's inspirational! If I lived in SC, I would be banging on their door for a job...correction, for a new way of life!

And on that thought...I am going to make a bagel for the 9 year old...

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Blog Candy!

It is hard to resist blog why try?

Check out - maybe you will win yourself some blog candy!!!

Inspiration Found!

So, I've been lacking on the craftiness lately...I mean really, what kind of crafty blog is this without any crafting going on? Well, I found inspiration the other day from a guest blogger on the Fiskateers board, which kick-started by craftiness...and for the last couple days I have been immersed in creating a mini album using the HG chipboard as a base, and I went one step further and turned the package into a front and back cover, too. ( intense :))

My favorite photo!
A happy grandfather superimposed over my father as a teen.

This mini album was created with lots of HG goodies: We Are Family paper line, chipboard, rub-ons, alphabet stickers & chipboard, signature hearts (like raindots), Cloud 9 epoxy quotes, We r MemoryKeepers Eyelets (and Cropadile), Fiskars Vine corner/border punch and Threading Water & Leave it to Weaver border punches, lots of foam dots, ribbons, buttons and chalk ink.

This was sooo much fun...and I am already planning my next...I love being able to "recycle" my packaging, especially into something so memorable! Thanks for looking!

Friday, June 13, 2008


Well, I finally saw it...I hesitated for a while since I was not sure that RDJr could pull off the character, but I had free tickets and they had to be used by the end of the month... I'll admit it...I am pleasantly surprised! If you haven't seen it, it is definitely worth seeing on the big screen!

And heck, I am not just a comic/superhero girl...I'm a Marvel girl at that (although Spidey is my ultimate sweetheart ;)) and Ironman kicks butt!

Now...the anticipating of The Dark Knight! Even though it's DC, Batman rocks...and Christian Bale as Batman rocks even more :D hehe Oh and Christopher Nolan as a writer and director...soooooo worth watching his talent at work!!!'s another movie night (I am really taking advantage of this no school thing! lol) Girls night out with Sex and the City. We tried to go last week but there were not 3 seats together, and unless we want to wait months, it has to be this weekend since one of my friends is due to pop out baby #2 in 13 days!!! :)

Oh, and be proud of me...although I didn't get it all done, I got 1/2 of my 2 do list accomplished...and it was the "productive" half (not that shopping coupon spending/wasting money half ;))

Happy Friday....the 13th!!!

OMG I just's Friday the 13th!!!! Soooo Happy Friday the 13th!!!! I am not superstitious on this day...I don't think it is bad at all, actually think the reverse as it is Freya's day...Norse goddess of love and beauty, so how could that be all bad?! :)

OK, and this is my 3rd post in a couple hours so I had better get something "productive" done...and stop rambling...but still happy Friday :D

2 day 2 do

maybe if i post my 2 do list, it will be a good reminder to get 'er done!

so, 2 do 2 day
- go to city about building permit (are you curious about what i am building???!!! ;))
- JCP (don't forget coupon!)
- Borders? (see coupon in last post! - downtown location...kill 3 birds with 1 stone - see 2 above)
- mail stuff (lots of stuff to mail!)
- WEB stuff - mom (priority!!!)
- WEB stuff - bill GAS
- WEB stuff - ENA
- laundry
- clean top of book shelf
- boys' karate
- scrap?! :D

Coupons r Goooooood!

30% off anyone?

I can't resist books, especially when coupons are involved!

Not exactly sure what I plan to buy, but I have been eying Food Cures...

Oh, and speaking of's about 49% off your ENTIRE PURCHASE at!

Have fun shopping!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Huh? Time Flies...Uh Yeah...

What would I do without Pinky? She dropped by and reminded me that uh, I haven't been here in a while...OoooOOoOOops! :)

It's not that I haven't wanted to, but well...OMG this past month...the past couple months...CRAZY I tell ya!

BUT...Good News!!!!! SCHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL'S OUT FOR SUMMER!!!! No, I'm not talkin about the kids, they have school all summer to prepare for their "new beginning" in Sept (more in a bit on that) but for me...I'm finished for the "year"! Now...I am just waiting for my grades...My goal was the president's list (yeah, Im a nerd like that) but I, unfortunately, know I am not making it since I missed a couple assignments so I won't have all A's. *sigh*sob*sob* :P I know I passed everything, but I am still curious :)

Times...they are a changin' (I'm in a singin' mood tonight ;)) .... So, the new beginning...well, as much as I love homeschooling...and it pains me to send the kids off into the crazy system of "public" must it be. Come September, they will be subjects of the system. I hope to continue with my "personal" education, but it is up in the air right financially, it is getting difficult to juggle it all...but, I have hope! Wanna hear it? If no, stop reading here :P

My plan for the summer is to sew like a crazy mo-fo and learn the workings of the Miva Merchant shopping system on my server so I can do seamless e-commerce without all the third party crud pulling it apart. I will be setting up my online store over the summer...I am my own test subject :) Additionally, as public school is going to be a HUGE adjustment, especially for the younger, I will be getting a job outside the home, but not until he is settled in. So, this past couple months has been alot of researching, contemplating, deciding, changing my mind, researching more, contemplating and deciding again!

So, there it a nutshell (ok, a large nutshell)...and with that thought, there is a little girl falling asleep on the sofa in the other room who needs some attention :)