Monday, April 28, 2008

Mundane Monday

I should be doing homework. I have an assignment that was due last night, but I just couldn't bring myself to sit here at 10 after I finally got all the kidlets to bed....and I should be doing it right now, but its Monday in Oregon...with a cloud filled sky and a grey world out my window. It's just so blah out there!

I usually can't start my day without visiting the Fiskateers, and having tea...well, I visited the Fiskateers, but did a rather silly thing yesterday and let my kettle boil dry, which I noticed only from the horrid plastic smell. Now, I have a beautiful brushed stainless kitchenaid kettle (the type that costs almost $100 but I got at a Mervyn's sale - Oh I wish there was still Mervyn's here!!! - for $8! I love being a coupon shopper! :)) Anyway, there are only 2 small pieces of plastic on this kettle...and they have never melted you know I did a major thing getting them to melt. Sigh. I am not sure if I am going to use the kettle again...or if it will become decor. The thought of melting plastic and tea just doesn't mesh well for me...Good thing I have excess supply of Paderno pots! No plastic on them! :)

I have math class tonight...which I don't mind, and I am actually looking forward to since I heard that some other BigLots have gotten in new scrap stuff! Not that I should be buying ANYTHING but I gotta at least CHECK the deals ;)

And on that thought...I had better go check my pot...they say the watched pot never boils, but if I don't watch it, who knows what might happen! :)

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