Monday, April 28, 2008

Good Morning...again! ;)

Can you tell I am trying not to do what I am supposed to do???? ;)

A friend visited (virtually) this uh, 2 mins after I posted a project on I just wanted to say Hi Friend! :) Pinky is my new I am gonna return the favor and stalk her too! She has an adorable blog... Plus, us homeschoolers gotta stick together...especially the crazy crafty ones :) Pinky is crazy crafty! and check out those tutorials!!

Oh, and I finally ran out of my super size box of tea that my parents bring me from Canada. more Tetley Orange I have been sampling others, but yet to find a fav. Sterling (9 year old) and I, since he is my tea drinkin pal, have been consuming Twinnings for the past few days. It was ok, but I am not sold on it. Then we moved to Stash (Portland, OR company!!!) for their English Breakfast...yeah, it's ok...I hate that they use staples...cause to compost the bags, I gotta take them out (another point for Tetley...they do not individually wrap their bags, and the bags are round, with no staples or strings! Very eco friendly!) BUT...then this morning...I found, buried in my bag of tea, ORGANIC Stash Breakfast Blend...I think I have found a new tea!!! I could easily consume it daily...Now I just gotta contact the company and see if I can urge them to use less individually wrapped bags, and lose the staples! :)

Ok, back to work...again ;)


Blueyecicle said...

Oh I remember Stash, they don't sell that here. But it was yumm-O
You know here they ONLY serve Sweet tea which means.....1 bag of sugar per 2 gallons of tea! I swear! LOL
No hot tea unless you go into a chinese food restaurant!
I did not knw you were on the Cloud 9 design Team! You rock girl!

Blueyecicle said...

Girl you need to update your blog! (: