Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sew Crazy!

Ok, I don't have any completed sewing projects to share with this post as I have spent most of my "sewing time" today washing, ironing and cutting...but I did delve into my "stash" and I have a few fabrics I would like to share. It is no wonder why my crafts of choice are fabric and paper related...I am attracted (and attached) to texture, color, design, space...Even though I gave away a portion of my paper stash, I still have too much (is there really a thing as TOO MUCH tho?!) and fabric, well, after working in a fabric store for 10 years on and off...especially since the first 3 of those years were without any "responsibilities" I have collected much over the years. Now, I just don't have the heart to get rid of it because one day I just might need that piece of orange velour! ;) (no, I'm not that bad...I think I actually already used that piece ;))
But, for your viewing pleasure...I hope these fabrics make you smile as they do me :)


One Day...this will be a chenille'd cherry quilt...the idea is floating in my head, I just need to get it into the fabric! :)

Some kind of baby quilt...
Another quilt...The pattern I am currently thinking about for these fabrics is called "This and That" and it is a square within a square...and I just love them horses! :) More baby quilt stuff...I think I need to know more babies!!!

Back to the ironing board!

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Pinky said...

OHHHH I am lovin me some vintage fabric!!! Love that cherry!