Thursday, July 3, 2008


I've always had a passion for all things Celtic. I have also always had a passion for dance...put the two together and what do you get? A busy person! :)

I started Ceili dancing (Irish Social dancing) a couple weeks ago and I am soooo hooked!!! I LOOOOVE IT!!!! I cannot get enough! It is so much fun! I have done Scottish Country dance, Scottish Highland Dance, and Cape Breton Step Dance in the past, and I loved all those too, but there is just something about Ceili dancing! I am also doing Sean-nos (Old style) Irish dance which is similar to tap/clogging/Cape Breton Step. :)

So, now, instead of just being active with the local Scottish Society, I find myself helping with the Ceili Society, too (in addition to what I do with the World Beat Festival) I think I am the walking definition of "Career Volunteer"!

So, if you are in the Salem area, Tuesday evening at the VFW Hall on Hood Street...Ceili Dancing! No partner necessary! I can't remember the price for just one class (as I take two on that night for $10 - a deal or what?!) but classes will be running through July...and then start back up again in September. :)


java diva said...

Does the Scottish Soc think you're cheating on them now with the Ceili Soc?? Cheater!

Carlee said...

Well, if you know the Scots...then YES!!! lol But I don't care!! I'm a least I can admit it ;) hehehe I have given blood, sweat and tears to the Scots, so I figured it was only right since I am both Scot and Irish, that I give a lil to the Irish too!

Mummy LOL said...

Carlee that looks like such fantastic fun