Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I started this post a week ago (at least) and it got filed in drafts while I took photos (to tease you with) and so uh, here we go....

My "FATHER" album (see below) got me uberinspired and I have since started making two more...and have plans more another 3 since I have the chipboard for another three!

Can't have father, without mother...
I called my dad asking him if he knew where childhood photos of my mum could be found...he said, "good luck!" There is a tote at their house I will be taking with me next time I visit (next month - woo hooo!) so photos for this creation I am working on will have to wait, but the base, she's a done! I opted to use the Heidi Grace A Little Bird's Tale line and am theme'n my mum's album "A Little Bird's Tale" (I like the play on words). My hope is that I can get a collection of photos from my mum's childhood into the album...and hopefully a recent pic too!

Next, I decided that our sweet chicken kitty (I call her this because she is a chicken, with fur...a scaredy cat) did not have enough representation in the family scrap pile, so using the Cloud 9 kitty collection (I picked up a page pack at Target) I started on the base for her book.

I have HG Baby's just asking to be scrapped!!! But, three kids, 1 set of paper...can I do it? yes I can! :D Since I am on such a board book/mini book kick, and discovered some awesome old family photos, I thought it would be fun to create a family baby book with pics of all the relatives (ok, some...all would be a novel!). I am going to mix the album up alternating chipboard bases from the HG chipboard stickers and clear plastic. This will add a fun new dimension...and creating clear is sooo much fun!

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