Thursday, July 10, 2008

Greeen Thumb n' Stuff

Been a while, but at least I am back in less than a week!

So much is happening around here...too much to cover in one blog post...too much to cover in general!

BUT...check out my tomatoes and peppers!!! I grew veggies when I moved here 4 years ago...the only success I had was with tomatoes and peppers. The soil here is instead of killing my back tilling again this year, I opted to try container gardening...and as you can see, so far, so good! Each plant is covered in now it is just a matter of waiting for the fruit!

A Couple Months Ago...


Since I finished reading Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants, I finally decided to watch the movie. The book was better. Movie was OK, but book was much better. BUT, my favorite "teen" books are still hands down the Twilight series...and that movie comes out in 5 months!!! :D (and the last book is less than 1 month away!!!)Ahh, something to look forward to!

Ok, now back to my sewing machine...and I'll share some sewn goodness with you later!

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