Thursday, July 3, 2008


Do you miss me?! I sure miss you!

I cannot login to the Fiskateers website. It is so sad. I can read the messages, but not post. I reset my password, but it just doesn't work for me. It is really depressing to read everything and not be able to participate! I feel like I am on a gag order!!! lol I have no choice but to hold my tongue...and post here, but it is just not the same (sorry readers...but if you are part of the Fiskateers I am sure you could understand my pain of not being able to join in!!!!)

Forgive me while I got techie for a moment:
I read a thread there about "complaints" on the new board...I was sad to read complaints...I am no programmer, but I have set up message boards before...using Open Source software (all hail to open source!!!!)...but I did not pass my second level PHP programming class...bad bad me (I did pass the ASP portion tho!!!). I tried, but it was not something I should have attempted online (and in my defense, I did not have a very good teacher for when I asked a question, I got a reply of "read ch X" no matter what the question, the answer was pathetic....and never helpful! I want to do that class again, but won't do it at that school, or until they get a better teacher.) I don't care for the set up of the new message board, but their were/are great intentions behind it. Change can be difficult when people have become accustomed to something. I don't know that there is the "perfect" message board out there already...all of them would need a little tweaking to suit the Fiskateers...but I believe things will get straightened out with V 2.0 and all will be happy once more...I just uh, hope its soon! I am jonesin'! ;)

Well, I am off to attempt something productive since I cant be a fiskafreak...maybe someone is trying to tell me something :(


Rebecca said...


We miss you! Please make sure you send an email to and let them know you're having trouble. We need you back!

Rebecca #411

Kelly Jo said...

Hi, Carlee. It's me, Kelly Jo!
Are you still having trouble logging in? I did at first, too, but I'm all set now (Thank Goodness! I was 'jonesin', BIG TIME).
If you are still having trouble, try emailing
Let me know if you still need help.
Hope to see you one the MB soon!
Have a Happy 4th!!!

Wendy Jo said...

Hang in there Carlee! I've seen some postings tonight that others who have had problems are now trickling in one by one. I hope you've sent an email as Kelly Jo and Rebecca has suggested to the webmaster. We'll see you soon I'm sure.

Wendy Jo
Fiskateer #99