Thursday, November 20, 2008

Being a packrat isn't always bad...

So yeah, I'm a least I can admit it! I AM doing something about my "problem" tho...and one of those "things" is to sew! ;) As a quilter, it is very very very very very difficult to throw away even the tinyest scrap of cotton fabric (who am I a sewer in general its hard to throw even the other scraps out! hehe) so I have had this growing tote of scraps waiting - BEGGING - to be developed for some time...and on Monday, I got a wild creative hair and spent a few hours doing just that!

The Pile

Red Square

The Layout

I have since sewn all the blocks together and now it waits to be backed, quilted and bound...ahh, like so many of my quilts! This quilt was so fun to make...such a creative release since really it it just a matter of sewing pieces randomly together...not to much thought is needed, which is good cause my brain is overworked with school :) hehe

Once finished, I'll be giving this away...probably to the local women's shelter.

More soon...cause I'm still sewin'!

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maddy hill said...

ohhhhhhh some gorgeous fabric there - i wouldnt throw any scraps out either !