Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Are you there? I am...all over the place!

Ok, so I haven't been here in far too long...I haven't been crafting tho, although really, that IS no excuse. Life has completely got the better of me lately...so instead of juggling, I just need to do the balancing act ;) So I am here...and there...and over there, too.

I have 2 blogs, the other has more dust on it than here tho, so I am going to be combining the two...and actually just having this one blog for everything...crafting, sewing, scraping...LIFE! Everything!

With that said...let me share a lil something...my family situations changed a couple months ago and it was completely turned upside-down, but either its turned back around, or I've turned upside-down, too...because things are starting to look like they should ;) I'm now working 2 "consistent" jobs (still doing freelance design work tho)...but I am finally getting paid to do what I have been doing for the past 13 years...community activism, non-profit work, cultural outreach! Then...adding to that...I got what (second to being a lead Fiskateer) is my dream job...I am working at the library!!!!! WOOO HOOOO!!! Today, I created media materials (poster, voucher, bookmarks) to help market library programs :) Ok, so I love my job! :)

It is the last Irish dance class tonight...I am going to miss dancing on Tuesday! But, at least it will give me more time to devote to my schooling...cause I am taking 13 credits right now...and have my hands full with that, too! But I was given a grant to go to school so I couldn't really say no, especially since this will be my last year in this program before I can move on...and I will be 1 step closer, and only 1 set away, from my Masters degree!!!

So yeah, I haven't been doing much crafting (although I did sew 30 blankets a few weeks ago!!!!), but I anticipate this changing soon since I am taking a handmade pledge for this holiday season! :) I hope some of you will think about making that pledge too...

I'll be around...and hopefully posting again soon! Thanks for your patience...and support! :)

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