Wednesday, February 27, 2008

This is me, watching time, fly by!

Did you see that?

January 25 I said it had been way too long, and here we are...over a month later, with not a post! What happened??!! Yeah, I am asking that question, too!

Ok, so here goes...

In this last month, I have had two children age a year! My youngest (my daughter) turned 3!!! WOO HOOO!!! Potty training has been underway, but still not an exclusive thing...ohhh how I wish! It is a work in progress, and we have no diapers left in the house (woo hooo?) but just training pants. Crossing fingers, hoping for the best, (and a quick progression too!)

My eldest (son) turned 13....13...13!!! OMG I am the mother of a teenager!!! WOAH! He has been taller than me for some time, had larger feet than me forever (size 11 men's now...and still growing - eek!) but now, he's 13! I cannot believe he was in my belly, or learning to crawl, talk, walk that long ago. Time flies, once again!

So, last year, my brother mentioned that when each of the kids turns 13 (or 14) that they could come visit NYC. As Rowan was about to turn 13, he jumped on that offer....and the request was he accompanied me to NYC at the beginning of February. (I will share more on that in another post because it deserves one all its own...I have almost 400 photos to prove it, too! ;))

After we got back, I had school to catch up on, as did he, and then we were off go pick up his brother, who was visiting the grandparents in Canada. Ohhh what a trip that was! I am used to the driving, and the ferry (to get to Vancouver Island where they live), but it usually takes 8 hours, not 16, like it did this time! I goofed....ferry was only running in the early AM, so we had to back track and take a detour, albeit a very pretty detour on the Port Townsend ferry and then up Whidbey Island over Deception Pass...OHHHHH photo op!!! BEAUTIFUL MOMENTS!!! Wanna see? I took out the camera, which was sitting on the seat next to me, and pushed the on button...nothing - again....nothing. I have no batteries!!!! The kids took the batteries for one of the Wii remotes! DOOH! OMG! I cannot believe it! So, it was beautiful, and you will just have to do a google image search if you don't believe me (or visit there yourself...whic is what I recommend as it really is beautiful!!!) So then, one wrong turn and we were 8 miles off course...backtrack, get back on course...ok, still doing fine. Get onto the I5, making good time, stop for gas as it was $3.25/gallon here, and about $5.00/gallon there! Yeah, stop for gas...definitely! All gased up and ready to go...we are 3 exits from the border crossing to Canada...go to get back on the HWY, and it seems to only go one the wrong direction! So, here we go again...back track and get going the right way. The crossing was easy...although we did have to wait about 30 mins. We got to the BC Ferries at 6 PM...the 7 PM ferry was already we had to wait for the 9! SIGH Ok, I guess we gotta feed the kids Mom and tell her we wont be there for dinner...and I got the kids something to, that cost $10 for 2 slices. (I am used to get two WHOLE pizzas for that price!) It was yummy tho, but definitely did not satisfy the two of them (especially not a 13 year old boy!) Ok, this is one time when I can afford Starbucks cause their kids drinks are only $1! Got them a little something more to tie them over, then of course, when we finally get on the ferry (9 PM) Rowan is ready for second supper (just like the hobbits!) so we indulge...he wanted can you say no to a kid who WANTS to eat vegetables?! Ferry docks, 10:40 pm, and we are back on the road...and finally, finally, finally get to my parents house just under an hour later. Of course, Aoife (3 year old) fell asleep then woke up in a strange place and was not a happy camper for the next hour. SIGH but she finally fell asleep, and the day officially ended! (The next few days were much better...well adjusted children who got to savor all their favorite Canadian treats like Stone Wheat Thins and Smarties (chocolate))

And then we had to come back, but never empty handed...I got a great big box of photos to sort, and my parents came down too! Oh, and what is a family visit without the sibling? Yes, he came as parents picked him up from the airport on the way in. Full house, to say the least!

They all leave today, and things will be getting back to "normal"...but not really until next month! I will be working at CKC in Portland Thurs, Fri and Sat. On Friday, I am also demonstrating Fiskars products in the Scrap Daddy Booth....and to top it all off...I am still catching up on/keeping up on my own schooling. (I just found out that none of my Canadian education will transfer :( ) I think I will be staying at the community college for another year...and speaking of which, I guess I had better make use of this "quite" time. The kids are all still sleeping (as is the company) so I am gonna go do something for ME! :D

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