Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Sewing Today...must not scrapbook - must not scrap!

Next week this time I will be preparing for a wedding...well, actually, I will probably be sitting in a hotel room, just rolling out of bed or something...but next week tonight, I will be at a wedding! And here I type, instead of sewing...which I really should be doing since I am making the bride's outfit! The skirt is done...the jacket will take an hour...the corset is cut out. I need to sew, but I cannot find all my nifty sewing gadgets. That is what I get for having a dining table office - everything in totes, hidden in the garage until I need it. I wish I had someone to work that was a central location...oh well, one day!

I have a few scrap LOs planned...well, at least the papers picked out, and I so want to get working on them, but I need to be sewing, so I am trying not to look at them - or think about them. I figured if I talked about them that would satisfy the craving - for the moment.

Craving satisified - until.....who knows!

Well, the day has begun, so I gotta get going...and sewing!

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